To Whom the Turnstile Spins?

As you may have seen for yourselves, media’s ‘new e-business’ aspirations have caused quite a stir. I have ToingToing!ed about it here and The Financial Times Online offers a decent detailed assessment of the situation, both pieces are offered for free, I hasten to add.  Advertising does not bring in the money anymore (did anyone tell the agencies, BTW?) and so, content providers, such as Rupert Murdoch, CEO of News Corporation, are desperately looking for new ways to generate revenue.  In an earlier piece I ToingToing!ed about Murdoch’s conundrum: he is trying to recoup a USD 209M loss in quarterly profits incurred by his newspaper division. In what seems like an overreaction, Murdoch decreed that usage charges will be introduced to premium publications (such as the Wall Street Journals, aka WSJ) and that “users would pay “handsomely” for WSJ content.”  This is where the legendary producer Max Bialystock would quip “You keep saying that, but you don’t say how…” Increasingly, many content providers who push so-called ‘new media business models’ name micropayment as their ‘how’.   Continue reading “To Whom the Turnstile Spins?”

Mashups, Folksonomies and Communities of Purpose

Over the years, I found myself returning to the Gilbane Group website. Gilbane, Cambridge, Massachusetts, based group of analysts and consultants specialising in information technology strategies. The site is choc-a-block with articles and white papers, many of which are worth the time taken to register, download and read. Frank Gilbane’s report has been around for years – and as it grew and became a media powerhouse, when Gilbane was joined by other keen observers.

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