My son is on the cusp between Generations Y and Z

So far, his history timeline includes the release on Nelson Mandela and the advent of a democratic South Africa. Internationally ,according to Sophia Yan, arts editor at ‘the Oberlin Review’ (“Understanding Generation Y“), he lived through 9/11 terrorist attacks, Iraq, Hurricane Katrina, the Indian Ocean Tsunami and the Columbine High School shooting..

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A terminal case of over-optimism

Print media executives’ future talk brings to mind the story about the legendary conductor Leopold Stokowski. It is told that Stokowski was 94 when he signed a six-year recording contract with Columbia Records. That was a year before he died. This is one of the best documented cases of terminal over-optimism. One can excuse an old man’s need to express a claim to immortality, but what on earth were the Columbia execs thinking?

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