Idea Connectors

Scott Wurtele is a man with a mission. He is what Malcolm Gladwell (The Tipping Point) calls a connector,  offering means of communication to those who are interested in engaging in some form of exchange.

Wurtele is the visionary behind exchange hubs such as (the largest network of international trade marketplaces in the world, est. 1997) and (currently listing 190,000 registered users, est. 2000) — both are bustling hubs of connectivity.

Wurtele then moved on to develop, a networking and exchange facility that stores, filters and cultivates innovative designs and inventions before connecting their owners to businesses, entrepreneurs and investors who may be interested in actualising these ideas.

In addition, offers problem-solving chopshops for businesses requiring innovative solutions to their problems. stresses that it “is not involved in buying, selling, developing ideas or inventions posted on this website or elsewhere.”

Browsing the ideas displayed on the site is a fascinating journey. I found a programmable remote control device allowing me to remotely control and power on hardware associated with my internet system, a CD shuttle for my Play Station or XBox, a system for auctioning cash money (!!) and a seat that is attached in front of an adult’s bicycle, allowing direct engagement with the child, while riding the bicycle safely.

Not sure about you, but I can’t wait for Scott Wurtele’s next project – the man is a well of innovation and creativity.