Octogenarian giants offer each other buddy hugs

A recent national survey by the Newspaper Association of America claims that US newspapers blew almost $1 billion on postage for services offered by the national survey by the Newspaper Association of America. The piece indicates a continuous increase in usage: $700M (2002), $901M (2004) and $972M (2006.) Commenting on the survey, John F. Sturm, president and CEO of the Newspaper Association of America, seemed proud of the fact that daily newspapers are leading customers of the U.S. Postal Service:

“Along with door-to-door delivery, on-street boxes, specialty publications and digital transmission, mail is one of many different platforms newspapers use to guarantee an audience to their advertising customers.”

I feel all warm and tingly when I see how print media and the US postal service, these octogenarian giants, offer each other buddy hugs. Huddled together, they exchange hunting stories about growth in usage of snailmail, door-to-door delivery, on-street boxes and specialty publications.

Can you believe this unbelievable schlock about the way snailmail is used to “guarantee an audience” for print media’s advertising customers?! When is the last time you opened unsolicited advertising received via snailmail? — Shlockissimo!! Advertisers who blow millions on snailmail deliveries are likely to find themselves as unemployed as India’s Police Pigeon (BBC: “Indian pigeons lose out to e-mail“) – another victim of the digital revolution that started three odd decades ago but that is yet to be noticed by print media.

The message is simple: digital or bust.