The Annals of Improbable Research (AIR)

This gem is one of the best known locations online since 1994, when it first set out to explore some ridiculous aspects of science. In truth — AIR editors (led to this day by AIR founder Marc Abrahams) never have to dig very deep in order to find the next hysterical topic. Consider a study of Heat Loss from Ducks’ Feet Immersed in Cold Water, a reflective observation of Hermetic Melancholia and the Suffering of Androids, a morbid piece called “Death: From Bad to Worse” and a critical exploration of Differences Between Actual and Imagined Usage of Chopsticks.

Other specials include a comparison between apples and oranges, a discussion about the taxonomy of Barney, a study of the question “Does a Cat Always Land on Its Feet?” and the Dead Grandmother/Exam Syndrome. Use the local search facility to find your way to a side-splitting study on the effects of peanut butter on the rotation of the earth. Finally, hit the high notes and read “On Yawning; or, The Hidden Sexuality of the Human Yawn.”

AIR comes out six times each year, as well as a (shorter, free) monthly e-mail missive.