A gauntlet in your eye, Steve (update)

An interesting afterthought to my previous pieceon the battle between Microsoft Office and Google Apps was posted on Garett Rogers’ “Googling Google” blogon ZDnet’s Blogosphere. Rogers noted Balmmer’s belitteling remark on Google Apps – “you can’t even put a footnote in a document”  and says:

Perhaps what happened directly after he said that is precisely why Microsoft should be worried.

About 2 days after Steve downplayed any kind of competition that may be coming from Docs, Google added footnote support. The agility, and horsepower that Google has behind it is something that companies – even Microsoft – should be wary of, and definitely shouldn’t take lightly.

Google’s action is worth a thousand boastful speeches and so Ballmer’s derogatory remarks came back to haunt him. In face of a three year wait for Microsoft’s next major upgrade, Google delivered – literally – on the fly.  How’s that for chutzpha reciprocity?

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