Virtual Crime e-Pays.. NOT

Asimove’s LOR During the halcyon days of technological innocence, Isaac Asimov wrote “I, Robot” – a collection of 9 short stories set in a world in which humans and robots co-exist. This co-existance was predicated on three rules that Asimov invented and named ‘The Laws of Robotics’ (LOR), The LOR laid down essential principles governing… Continue reading Virtual Crime e-Pays.. NOT

Storytelling: no story, nothing to tell

Cyberpunk, according to Bruce Bethke, who coined the term 25 years ago, is “a young, technologically facile, ethically vacuous, computer-adept vandal or criminal.” Think of a highly techno-savvy version of Alex DeLarge, the protagonist in Anthony Burgess’ masterpiece A Clockwork Orange.