Will books and Libraries dodofy anytime soon?

The New Yorker is a powerfully engaging read. Before his untimely death in a car crash, the wonderfully versatile Rob Amato e-spoke to me about his plan (or was it still a dream?) of creating a local paper called The Johannesburger, what a mouth-watering prospect this would have been.

A cigar for monsieur Jules Verne

In the¬†latest edition of TL Infobits, Carolyn Kotlas mentions a Special Report on MIT’s Technology Review, listing 10 Emerging Technologies for 2016. Unlike similar year-start hacking pieces one sees around, the MTR drives a message filled with chutzpah and visionary √©lan — “Technology Review presents our list of the 10 technologies that we think are… Continue reading A cigar for monsieur Jules Verne