Google Goes Semantic… Finally!

Why do we learn? In his book Human Motivation Robert E. Franken, Professor Emeritus at the University of Calgary, defines motivation as “the arousal, direction and persistence of behaviour.” ¬†Consider Franken’s definition – we get aroused, we work with a sense of direction, and we persist – we keep doing things, as we learn them.¬†… Continue reading Google Goes Semantic… Finally!

What is a dangerous idea?

The terms Googles almost half-a-millions results, top-of-mind are a 1955 book by American philosopher Daniel Dennett on Darwin’s theory of evolution. Dennett argues that natural selection – a central concept in Darwin’s theory – is nothing more than an algorithmic hogwash. In another Googled pointer, an article entitled Transhumanism: The World’s Most Dangerous Idea?, Nick… Continue reading What is a dangerous idea?