Virtual Crime e-Pays.. NOT

Asimove’s LOR During the halcyon days of technological innocence, Isaac Asimov wrote “I, Robot” – a collection of 9 short stories set in a world in which humans and robots co-exist. This co-existance was predicated on three rules that Asimov invented and named ‘The Laws of Robotics’ (LOR), The LOR laid down essential principles governing… Continue reading Virtual Crime e-Pays.. NOT

The digital heart of a Camarasaurus

The saying “Deceive boys with toys, but men with oaths” is attributed to Lysander, who commanded the Spartan fleet who thrashed the Athenians (themselves great seafarers) in 405 BC. Lysander ended up as the victorious conqueror of Athens. Lysander, prided himself on his cunning and witty approach to his tasks boasted of his ability to… Continue reading The digital heart of a Camarasaurus