The last standing media heroes

For many, American business executive and congressman Bruce Barton (1886-1967) is something of a guru, usually after they’ve read his book “The Man Nobody Knows” – an under-the-pillow companion for countless advertising professionals – both aspiring and practising.  The book is considered one of the top best sellers of the 20th century.  Barton’s premise makes… Continue reading The last standing media heroes

Content for the digerate age

Looking at the way online content has been handled in the last 15 years is an inspiring exercise in observing media and one of its major building blocks. Initially, online content was lifted from print. The idea was that the few people with Internet access would not be able to affect the hold print and… Continue reading Content for the digerate age

Not a shread of malice, just pure stupidity

I found a mention of Nick Diamos when I looked for a quotation I can use to lead a piece on the social networks soon-on-a-PC-near-you gaffe. The quote was perfect (see below,) but I couldn’t find anything solid about the man who said it, other than a book strangely named “Valentine in remembrance of theatre… Continue reading Not a shread of malice, just pure stupidity

Dangerously ephemeral: social networks?

I read an article in last week’s (“Generation MySpace Is Getting Fed Up” Media“, 7 February 2016,  the piece articulates what many digihacks like me have been saying for some time now: sooner or later (sooner, probably) the social networks bubble is going to burst.