Google Goes Semantic… Finally!

Why do we learn? In his book Human Motivation Robert E. Franken, Professor Emeritus at the University of Calgary, defines motivation as “the arousal, direction and persistence of behaviour.”  Consider Franken’s definition – we get aroused, we work with a sense of direction, and we persist – we keep doing things, as we learn them. … Continue reading Google Goes Semantic… Finally!

My yearly carryover keywords

My brand new notepad is waiting for 2017: pristine enticingly empty. Before the old notepad is deposited on the shelf, I’ve selected a few of the more important notes, the ones I wish to carry over to 2017.

Webs, clouds and tags of meaning

Some time ago, The Guardian‘s Charlie Brooker wrote an article knocking the idea that 9/11 was some sort of demonic conspiracy by sinister industrial-military stakeholders in the US government. No ways, argued Charlie, for conspirators to bypass the gigantic pile of bureaucratic dust that is likely to be required in order to commission a governmental… Continue reading Webs, clouds and tags of meaning