Sandboxing with Odysseus & the Googleators

There is something powerful and compelling in a good challenge. In principle, many complex challenges have simple solutions. There are three types of solutions to challenges, the first type of solution is the cunning, cerebral type – it is usually based on the premise that wisdom and experience will eventually trump power and authority.

For goodness sake, reciprocate?

Let’s consider the ethics involved in giving someone a life-extending organ – and then demanding for it to be returned:  a US man divorcing his wife is demanding that she returns the kidney he donated to her, or pay him $1.5m in compensation. (BBC)  Apparently, the two married in 1990 and he donated a kidney to… Continue reading For goodness sake, reciprocate?

The Evolution of Cooperation

My friend Tony is one of those amazing sources of things that make my brain go We were chatting about Crowdsourcing – an übersession (which is like an obsession on steroids) of mine, ToingToing’ed here and here.  Tony read a few great books on the subject (notably James Surowiecki’s The Wisdom of Crowds: Why the many are… Continue reading The Evolution of Cooperation