We’re Here to Bury Comments, Not to Praise Them

In the beginning was Marshall McLuhan, who would have celebrated his 98th birthday these days, but more about him later.  When I launched this blog almost two years ago, I decided not to accept comments: I observed how other blogs got inundated with horrific verbiage, often unrelated to the piece the comment was supposed to… Continue reading We’re Here to Bury Comments, Not to Praise Them

My yearly carryover keywords

My brand new notepad is waiting for 2017: pristine enticingly empty. Before the old notepad is deposited on the shelf, I’ve selected a few of the more important notes, the ones I wish to carry over to 2017.

Sarah Perez’s Tipping Point

This story is developing furiously fast. It appears that we have crossed some sort of a Tipping Point because Google-owned video channel YouTube (UT) announced the creation of an online Citizen News Channel, complete with a News Manager named Olivia, who promises to enable great news-clips online.  The landing page is strewn with an assortment… Continue reading Sarah Perez’s Tipping Point