Here’s to the next billion

The summary of “The Next Billion” the latest publication from Portio Research, got me thinking. The first cellphone arrived circa 1988. 16 odd-years later, in 2004, cellphones sales reached the astounding milestone of 1.5 billion people using cellphones. One quarter of earth’s population (source: United Nations Population Division) owned a cellphone. Only four years later… Continue reading Here’s to the next billion

What digital divide?!

Catchphrases help us hold our intellectual head up high, socially. We can use buzzwords and Catchphrases as a mark of our understanding, our expertise, insight, intuition and general intellectual prowess. Some catchphrases were not really uttered but simply invented – – and then carried through the ages, delivered diligently from eager sender to ecstatic receiver.… Continue reading What digital divide?!