Disintermediation looms

A few years ago, Canadian business guru Don Tapscott published a book called “The Digital Economy.” There, for the first time, I heard the term disintermediation. Tapscott is widely credited with coining the term and his book is regarded as foreteller (almost prophetically) of the state of digital economy today, 10 years on. Simply put,… Continue reading Disintermediation looms

Decrypting the Kryptos

This may sound like a movie script, but it is completely true: in October 1990, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) headquarters at Langley (which, by the way, is not Langley,VA, as many believe, but the Langley suburb of McLean,VA, in case you plan to visit), unveiled a strange, intriguing sculputre named Kryptos (“hidden” in Greek),… Continue reading Decrypting the Kryptos

From Clio’s muse to History as a Weapon

Clio was the Greek muse of history and goddess of poetry. Her name is rooted in the Greek kleô — to celebrate, to make known, or to forge fame. In various works of art Clio is seen wearing purple, holding a musical instrument in one hand and the notebook she uses when she writes history, in the… Continue reading From Clio’s muse to History as a Weapon