Contribution: Jim Gillogly on Kryptos

Some time ago, I ToingToinged!! Kryptos – a cryptic sculpture standing in the courtyard at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). I mentioned that a Californian computer scientist and cryptographer named James (Jim) Gillogly was able to crack three of the four sections of the Kryptos (meaning “hidden” in Greek), code in 1999, using a Pentium… Continue reading Contribution: Jim Gillogly on Kryptos

Decrypting the Kryptos

This may sound like a movie script, but it is completely true: in October 1990, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) headquarters at Langley (which, by the way, is not Langley,VA, as many believe, but the Langley suburb of McLean,VA, in case you plan to visit), unveiled a strange, intriguing sculputre named Kryptos (“hidden” in Greek),… Continue reading Decrypting the Kryptos