Making your own bed: are there limits to professional responsibility?

True story: a friend told me how she invested a large amount of money in order to advertise her product on a fairly central website. The campaign bombed and my friend queried the veracity of the site owner’s claim that his site is a popular place of convergence: “you cannot tell me that your site… Continue reading Making your own bed: are there limits to professional responsibility?

Barbarians at the gate

Spanish is definitely on the rise worldwide, as I found out this morning, listening to my children’s intake of pulp from Disney and meeting a TV character called Manny who peppers his sentences with Spanish words and helps his – mostly Hispanic – community.  On the face of it, Disney seems to be towing the… Continue reading Barbarians at the gate

Collateral damage on the road to digeracy

Back in the early 1980s, PC Magazine was a welcome arrival at one’s snailmail box. It carried voices of authority on that new animal, the Personal Computer. The voices were knowledgeable without pontificating, expert-like, but never condescending. PCM’s authority came from people like Bill Machrone , the magazine’s mythological editor cum publisher, John C. Dvorak, … Continue reading Collateral damage on the road to digeracy

Emperor Zuiker’s New Posterior 2.0

Have you heard about Anthony Zuiker? Does the name at least ring a bell? Try again… that’s right, CSI! Zuiker is the Creator/Executive Producer of CBS’s megahit crime series “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” and its two hysterically successful spin-offs – CSI: Miami and CSI: New York. According to stories making the rounds on the Media circuit,… Continue reading Emperor Zuiker’s New Posterior 2.0

“Amazon Kindle is back in stock!”

An e-mail missive landed in my inbox and, spam though it were, it caught my interest, since, trumpeting “Amazon Kindle is back in stock!”, meant that this was either a ‘spin’ by skipper Jeff Bezos and his marketing team or, a landslide trend a-la iPod/iPhone. So I checked the wireless and found the story… Continue reading “Amazon Kindle is back in stock!”

Digital books on electronic shelves

If there’s anything new we will ever learn about search engines,  databases, and online information collections – Tara Calishain probably knows it already. Since 1998 (that’s 10 years ago!) Tara has been publishing one of the best resources on searching-for-research-purposes. Her fantastic website and newsletter are choc-a-block with information, find them at