My yearly carryover keywords

My brand new notepad is waiting for 2017: pristine enticingly empty. Before the old notepad is deposited on the shelf, I’ve selected a few of the more important notes, the ones I wish to carry over to 2017.

What digital divide?!

Catchphrases help us hold our intellectual head up high, socially. We can use buzzwords and Catchphrases as a mark of our understanding, our expertise, insight, intuition and general intellectual prowess. Some catchphrases were not really uttered but simply invented – – and then carried through the ages, delivered diligently from eager sender to ecstatic receiver.… Continue reading What digital divide?!

Nokia KO’s OS+handset mobile combination

Symbian is the DOS of mobile phones. The ubiquitous operating system sits snugly behind 110 million Symbian smartphones), according to the Symbian website.  Ten years ago, Symbian was formed as a private company owned by then trendsetters Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola and Psion – the UK based company that developed Symbian originally. As things stand today,… Continue reading Nokia KO’s OS+handset mobile combination