As shysters gambol and frisk

American humourist and cartoonist James Thurber‘s wealth of wisdom is evident almost fifty years after his death. Thurber used fables (‘short moral stories, often with animal characters’) as a device to hammer home complex points.  In April 1939, as the world was preparing for war, The New Yorker published a fable called The Sheep in… Continue reading As shysters gambol and frisk

The dance of the witches (Afternote)

As an afternote to my previous posting: Reading Adobe’s press release, one can only guess why Google and Yahoo! were invited to the ‘open’ Flash party while Microsoft is not mentioned. I have a strong sense of Déjà Vu here — remember what happened to Sleeping Beauty’s parents when they didn’t invite the 3rd witch to… Continue reading The dance of the witches (Afternote)