Storytelling: no story, nothing to tell

Cyberpunk, according to Bruce Bethke, who coined the term 25 years ago, is “a young, technologically facile, ethically vacuous, computer-adept vandal or criminal.” Think of a highly techno-savvy version of Alex DeLarge, the protagonist in Anthony Burgess’ masterpiece A Clockwork Orange.

Emperor Zuiker’s New Posterior 2.0

Have you heard about Anthony Zuiker? Does the name at least ring a bell? Try again… that’s right, CSI! Zuiker is the Creator/Executive Producer of CBS’s megahit crime series “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” and its two hysterically successful spin-offs – CSI: Miami and CSI: New York. According to stories making the rounds on the Media circuit,… Continue reading Emperor Zuiker’s New Posterior 2.0