Horizons of Digeracy

The future, as the saying goes, is not what it used to be. But then, for that matter, neither is the past. My late granny used to say that someone who keeps looking at his past has his backs turned to the future. On the other hand, Roman orator, lawyer, politician, and philosopher Marcus Tullius… Continue reading Horizons of Digeracy

As shysters gambol and frisk

American humourist and cartoonist James Thurber‘s wealth of wisdom is evident almost fifty years after his death. Thurber used fables (‘short moral stories, often with animal characters’) as a device to hammer home complex points.  In April 1939, as the world was preparing for war, The New Yorker published a fable called The Sheep in… Continue reading As shysters gambol and frisk

My yearly carryover keywords

My brand new notepad is waiting for 2017: pristine enticingly empty. Before the old notepad is deposited on the shelf, I’ve selected a few of the more important notes, the ones I wish to carry over to 2017.

An invreasingly digitally undivided universe

Of course, I did not expect my piece on the end of the Digital Divide as we know it to go unchallenged. Arthur Goldstuck popped in for an e-visit: “The mobile subscriber data is misleading, as it refers to mobile accounts or connections, not users,” he wrote.

Content for the digerate age

Looking at the way online content has been handled in the last 15 years is an inspiring exercise in observing media and one of its major building blocks. Initially, online content was lifted from print. The idea was that the few people with Internet access would not be able to affect the hold print and… Continue reading Content for the digerate age

Digital books on electronic shelves

If there’s anything new we will ever learn about search engines,  databases, and online information collections – Tara Calishain probably knows it already. Since 1998 (that’s 10 years ago!) Tara has been publishing one of the best resources on searching-for-research-purposes. Her fantastic website and newsletter are choc-a-block with information, find them at http://www.researchbuzz.org.