Buzzwords galore

Like most Internet denizens, I receive my daily dose of infoschticks. Some have been with me for years, while others were dropped during my periodical bull-purge. An all time favourite missive is Buzzword of the Day. A buzzword “buzz.word (buz´w»rd) n. A usually important-sounding word or phrase used primarily to impress laypersons.” Sometimes it’s also… Continue reading Buzzwords galore

What digital divide?!

Catchphrases help us hold our intellectual head up high, socially. We can use buzzwords and Catchphrases as a mark of our understanding, our expertise, insight, intuition and general intellectual prowess. Some catchphrases were not really uttered but simply invented – – and then carried through the ages, delivered diligently from eager sender to ecstatic receiver.… Continue reading What digital divide?!