Storytelling as an organisational gestalt

I have found a fascinating article by master storyteller Steve Denning. Storytelling is a unique art – written, told live or recorded, storytelling has the power to change the way people think and do things.This is how Steve Denning starts his own story:

My son is on the cusp between Generations Y and Z

So far, his history timeline includes the release on Nelson Mandela and the advent of a democratic South Africa. Internationally ,according to Sophia Yan, arts editor at ‘the Oberlin Review’ (“Understanding Generation Y“), he lived through 9/11 terrorist attacks, Iraq, Hurricane Katrina, the Indian Ocean Tsunami and the Columbine High School shooting..

Young, poor and needy

Transparency International is a global civil society organisation, created in 1993 to lead the fight against corruption. Its mission is, quote “to create change towards a world free of corruption.”¬†It is free from political bias, and, while not undertaking anti-corruption investigations itself, it supports organisations who do.

A terminal case of over-optimism

Print media executives’ future talk brings to mind the story about the legendary conductor Leopold Stokowski. It is told that Stokowski was 94 when he signed a six-year recording contract with Columbia Records. That was a year before he died. This is one of the best documented cases of terminal over-optimism. One can excuse an… Continue reading A terminal case of over-optimism

A look at the concept of identity

When Elizabeth Rossouw buried her husband, Dawid “Mossie” Rossouw, she assumed that the next time they will meet would be in heaven. She was therefore mightily surprised to see her ‘dead husband’ begging at a shopping centre in Pretoria’s East Lynne. In a complex case of mistaken identity, Ms Rossouw gave a ‘decent burial’ to… Continue reading A look at the concept of identity

The life-principle of unintended consequences

The life-principle of unintended consequences is an oft-used street wisdom strapline, it is somewhat related to “be careful, you might get what you are wishing for!”, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” and other wisdobots we may use as decision making tools.

Hat in hand, debt collectors at the door

When, as a teenager, I earned extra money by delivering newspapers , I was instructed to set aside half of my salary and deposit it into a savings account with a clever 30-day-notice mechanism. Moaning and groaning about my parents’ lack of common sense, I was simply force-fed: no savings, no work, take it or… Continue reading Hat in hand, debt collectors at the door

Outgatesing Mr Gates

Imagine that you owned the exclusive rights to every cube of ice used in drinks– be it alcoholic or non-alcs, juice or sweetened water. Whenever someone drops an icecube — you get a cut. Your¬†exclusivity clause guaranteed that no other icecube may be used: You Is the Main Ice-Person!