Reflection: If this be magic, let it be an art

When one observes magic, let it be clear that the magician is a skilful human, an artist, and not a born wizard. His acts are crafty examples of sleight-of-hand, and no supernatural forces are involved.   Beyond the wonderfully positive effects of the Harry Potter series (for example, the reported growth in the number of book… Continue reading Reflection: If this be magic, let it be an art

Visionaries and torch bearers

In November 2016, I moved this blog from a test location to its curent place online – live and open for visits. In the 12 months that followed, received a solid stream of unique visits – 59604 for the year, or an average of 4967 visits per month. I am deeply grateful to Big Friendly for technically… Continue reading Visionaries and torch bearers

Facing death the wrong way

If one believes in the story about Tutankhamun’s Curse,  then it is only a matter of time before Dr. Zahi Hawass, Egypt’s head of antiquities, finds out if the enormous love and care with which he orchestrated the preservation work around Egypt’s legendary ruler were accepted by The Golden Boy. I have a strong feeling that King… Continue reading Facing death the wrong way