There once was a man named Rupzoiyat…

Some time ago, I spoke about AIR (The Annals of Improbable Research (AIR) Oct 23, 2016. )

Recently, AIR unearthed a 1916 paper by a scholar named G. English, who studied the psychological response to proper names of unknown persons. (“On the Psychological Response to Unknown Proper Names,” G. English, American Journal of Psychology, vol. 27, no. 3, July 1916, pp. 430-34. .) What, asked English, would people think (or assume) about people with strange names?

Inspired by English’s work, AIR declared a challenge to its readers: which of the following 50 names belong to real persons (alive or dead)? The names are, in alphabetical order:

Blag ;Boppum ;Brob ;Bunoy ;Cherin ;Chermtgawkonv ;Dawfisp ;Dawtho ;Deznep; Drup ;Gawthu ;Genras ;Gowsu ;Grib ;Gronch ;and ;Tupjoz ;Guklal ;Hoxzauwhuk; Jikzel ;Kilom ;Kird’faumish ;Koikert ;Koldak ;Linrewex ;Lisrix ;Mavquawpunt; Moiki ;Murbix ;Pofmoj ;Poisher ;Quajnumeth ;Rupzoiyat ;Skamth ;Snemth; ;Spren; Spux ;Stisk ;Taquu ;Thacho ;Thaspkuwhin ;Thobonf ;Thubtawkarnth; Towbant Vazal ;Vushap ;Watshoiquol ;Witaw ;Ze’the ;Zoitu ;Zoque.

Are these for real? If you find any that are, and can add a URL proving their existence, then go ahead!! To take part in the challenge, click over here.  Suggestion: use the opportunity to subscribe to this superb publication.
PS: The good news is that the entire publication and its distinguished archives are now available online for free.