postscript: Print media: dead as a parrot

After this piece was published, I read what Alan Rusbridge, the editor-in-chief of The Guardian, The Observer and had to say about the new structure his team plans to implement across the three publications. Speaking to Press Gazette, Rusbridge explained how the three publications’ news, business and sport staff will form a single team and be guided by four “content-neutral” editors, dealing with national (UK) news, international news, business and sport. Instead of keeping the classic newsdesk structure, writers will work within subject-specific “pods” — allowing for reporters to file stories anywhere within the four platforms.Rusbridge’s plan fits perfectly within the “guerrilla journalism” metaphor I described in my piece, because it allows for content to follow context and create stories within a dynamic, ever-changing larger picture, instead of being pre-assigned to arbitrary, generalist categories.

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