Breaking News: Bill Gates is Reading This Blog!

Bill Gates must have been reading ToingToing! A few weeks ago, I wrote a piece on Microsoft’s total inability to survive against Google’s on-line business model, while using the “Microsoft in every PC” mantra. (“Outgatesing Mr Gates”, 9 January,  2016.)

At the end of the piece I said:

“Gates should forget about PCs, with or without a keyboard and mouse. If he wants to remain the fast thinker that he once was, he should think on his feet. Here is a free suggestion, Mr G.: buy Yahoo, outright, log, stock-and-barrel, today, while your Microsoft shares are still worth something.”

A few minutes ago, the BBC broke the news that Microsoft is offering $44.6bn (£22.4bn) for Yahoo – obviously, Gates read my piece 🙂 I hope that he also took into consideration my suggestion  —

“migrate your entire host of applications to run on the MS/Yahoo web platform. Here comes the sexy part: offer your entire user-base a simple, free migratory process whereby they can move from Windows to MS/Yahoo simply and for free. This should get Google thinking.”

Watch this space.

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